CAS nr. 7757-79-1

Potassium Nitrate

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  • Available in Bags (1000 kg pallet)
  • Molecular formula KNO3
  • CAS number 7757-79-1
  • UN number 1486
  • ADR class 5
  • ADR packing group 3
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ViVoChem is the Supplier of Chemical Raw Materials

Corporations from several sectors and countries order chemical raw materials at ViVoChem. Besides, Potassium nitrate offers ViVoChem several other chemical raw materials. Your chemical raw materials are delivered with our own trucks, indicating a safe and efficient treatment of your chemical raw materials. All our employees are certified and have the proper knowledge to transport chemicals safely from A to B.

Besides the distribution of chemical raw materials, we fill them as well. Our filling lines are semi-automatic to guarantee our employees’ safety. Furthermore, our employees are trained to handle all situations well. Safety is our number one priority. Potassium nitrate is a solid substance we can deliver in bags per pallet.

Why do Cooperation choose ViVoChem?

  • We deliver your chemical standard in UN-qualified packaging.
  • By buying wisely, we can ensure fair prices.
  • We are never too busy and are always ready to help you.
  • Besides Potassium nitrate, we do deliver +450 other chemical raw materials.
  • Do you not want to wait long for your chemical raw materials? Do not worry; we have a standard delivery of three working days.
  • Receive your complimentary quote per email within one working day.

What is Potassium Nitrate?

Potassium nitrate (NO3) or also known as (potassium)saltpetre, is a colourless, crystalline powder that is well soluble in water. It is Potassium salt from Nitric acid. Potassium nitrate has many applications. It is mainly used as a preservative (E252). It can also be used as a fertiliser. Furthermore, it is applied in gunpowder and fireworks. Sometimes potassium nitrate is used in the preparation of Nitric acid due to a reaction with Sulphuric acid.

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A quote for Potassium Nitrate can be easily requested via the form on this page. When filling everything in and submitting the form, we will contact you, and you will receive your complimentary quote within one working day. When you agree with our quote, we will ensure that you receive your chemical raw materials within three working days.

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About ViVoChem

ViVoChem is the B2B Partner for an extensive range of chemicals. With over 130 years of experience in chemical distribution, you are assured of extensive knowledge, expertise and know-how. We are ready to support you with all of your processes. A look behind the scenes at ViVoChem? Click this link.

 From the XL Businesspark, located at the logistic hotspot "Port of Twente", ViVoChem distributes chemicals in the Benelux and parts of Europe. In addition, VivoChem also exports these chemical materials worldwide. More info about the worldwide export of chemicals can be found on this page.

 A wide range of chemicals, divided into acids, bases, glycols, amines, phosphates, solvents, phthalates, peroxides and surfactants, are safely and responsibly stored in a spacious warehouse. Our warehouse meets all requirements for ADR storage and has a capacity for up to 9000 pallets. This assures you of a fast, responsible and flexible delivery of your products.

 The chemicals can be delivered in various types of packaging, both based on a deposit (the sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative) and including packaging. Our packaging is fully geared to quality, safety and, of course, your needs. Want to know more about our packaging? Watch this video.

 You can easily submit an online quote request 24/7. You are guaranteed to receive a no-obligation quote within one working day. If you have additional questions, we will contact you within the same time frame. Almost all chemicals are available directly from stock and are usually delivered within three working days after receiving the order.

Personal contact, stable quality and flexible delivery; the added value guarantee the continuity of your process or production. Because that's what it's all about: doing business successfully together.

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