Coronavirus: product availability

This past month additional measures were taken to contain the coronavirus and protect people. The fundamental developments related to Covid-19 also have an impact on the delivery situation at ViVoChem.

In particular, the supply of raw materials for hand hygiene is currently limited.
Also the logistics process faces challenges; suppliers cannot guarantee the usual delivery times.

Given these circumstances, we ask you as a customer to extend the delivery times where possible; the logistics chain in the entire industry is running at full capacity, and it is very important to accept longer delivery times, especially for future deliveries.

We follow the developments in our supply chain closely, so we can take appropriate measures if necessary and continue our supply capacity.

The Dutch Ministry has confirmed that the distribution and storage of chemicals is a vital process. ViVoChem is a supplier to, among others, healthcare, the food industry, and the hygiene / cleaning industry.

If there is a scarcity of a particular product, these industries will understandably take precedence.

We will keep you informed about changes.

ViVoChem B.V.