What is bio methanol?

Bio-methanol is renewable methanol, produced from carbon dioxide and hydrogen from renewable sources of electricity (wind, solar, hydro etc.). 

Bio-methanol is environmentally friendly, 

CO2-neutral, and does not impact the food chain or land use. The production of bio-methanol ensures a significant reduction of CO2 emissions.

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ViVoChem has bio-methanol available for export in IBC containers (1000 ltr.) and in drums (200 ltr.)


Minimum order quantity is 1 FCL (Full Container Load). Worldwide shipping.

Bio methanol info

  • Molecular formula: CH3OH
  • CAS number: 67-56-1
  • UN number: 1230
  • ADR Class: 3
  • ADR packaging group: II


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Applications of (renewable) bio-methanol

  • Frequently used raw material in the chemical industry.
  • As a fuel and as a feedstock to produce other environmentally friendly bio-fuels.
  • For the production of formaldehyde and acetic acid.

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