What is hydrogen peroxide?

Hydrogen peroxide is an inorganic compound of hydrogen and oxygen, usually dissolved in water. 

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ViVoChem has several solutions of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) available for export in IBC containers (1000 ltr.) and in drums (200 ltr.) 


Minimum order quantity is 1 FCL (Full Container Load). Worldwide shipping.

Hydrogen peroxide info

  • Molecular formula: H2O2
  • CAS number: 7722-84-1
  • UN number: 2014
  • ADR Class: 5.1
  • ADR packaging group: II


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Applications of hydrogen peroxide

  • As a disinfectant for infections of the body.
  • As a disinfectant for drinking water.
  • As a bleaching agent in the bleaching of textiles, teeth, bones, hair etc.

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