What is methyl diproxitol (DPM)?

Methyldiproxitol, dipropyleneglycolmethylether, methoxy propoxy propanol or dimethoxy propanol (DPM) is a clear, colourless, viscous liquid which has a slight ether odour. It is completely soluble in water and is miscible with a number of organic solvents.

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Methyl diproxitol info

  • Molecular formula: C7H16O3
  • CAS number: 34590-94-8
  • UN number: -
  • ADR Class: -
  • ADR packaging group: -


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Applications of methyl diproxitol (DPM)

  • Solvent for paints, varnishes, inks, strippers, and degreasers
  • Component of wood and coil coatings, coatings used in the automotive industry
  • Component of hydraulic fluids, industrial degreasers
  • Additive in the oil production and drilling industry

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