A day with... Marcel, doorman at Vivochem

Throughout the upcoming months, we will provide insight into the daily work of our colleagues through 'A Day With...'. We will shadow several employees at Vivochem to show their contributions.

In this first edition, we'll follow Marcel Stegeman, our doorman. Marcel is usually the first point of contact when you visit Vivochem, and his day starts early in the morning. His responsibilities are critical for maintaining security and ensuring the smooth running of our daily operations. Keep reading to find out what a typical working day looks like for Marcel!

5.45 am: Getting the day started

Marcel's day begins bright and early at 5:45 am. His first task is to open the gate to keep traffic moving. By this time, the first three tankers have usually arrived, and Marcel makes sure they can enter promptly. The aim is to have them at the unloading site around 6:00 am.

Marcel verifies the incoming drivers based on their order numbers. He ensures that they know where they need to go and know the safety procedures by showing them a safety video. Marcel also takes care of the necessary administrative tasks. And, of course, he welcomes the drivers warmly, offering them a cup of coffee and showing them where the restroom is.

In addition, Marcel carries out ADR checks, which are necessary if the load exceeds 1000 points. He works with the driver to complete the required documentation. If the check is successful, the truck is loaded; if not, they address the issue accordingly. If necessary, the driver will be redirected or, if possible, sent to a garage for resolution. Meanwhile, the loading process continues, and when the driver returns they can proceed to hitch up.

After the morning rush: Diverse tasks

Once the hectic morning period is over, Marcel's tasks for the rest of the day vary. The number of incoming trucks and their arrival times shape the flow of the day—some days see ten tankers, while others see five. Typically, there are three tankers in the morning and one cargo truck, totalling four trucks between 5:45 and 6:30 a.m. The busiest times are usually between 5:45 and 11:00 a.m., coinciding with most drivers' arrivals. Some days are hectic, while others are relatively calm.

Marcel's day is always different. Besides welcoming the incoming drivers, he also manages various administrative tasks. Other third-party entities, like mechanics, also visit Vivochem. Marcel issues work permits for them or contacts his colleagues so they can provide assistance and the necessary work permits. Once again, the safety video plays a vital role in this process.

Recently, Marcel has taken on the responsibility of supervising the packaging hall. This includes managing the inventory and completing the transfer section. Using the computer system, he keeps track of the required euro pallets, cans, caps, etc., for the current and following day to ensure availability. The first arriving driver places their empty containers in the hall and collects the items from the transfer section for transport to the other side. This could range from a single can to 20 pallets. This method helps to improve safety by eliminating the need for forklift traffic.

After work

Once his shift ends, Marcel leads the youth fire brigade. His Thursday evenings are dedicated to this role, and he can usually be found at the fire station in Almelo, where he trains the kids and regularly drives the fire truck around Almelo.

In addition to his work responsibilities, Marcel enjoys hobbies such as model cars, model trucks and model railways. He also loves taking his 16.5-year-old dog for walks.

Marcel, we are grateful for the opportunity to spend a day with you!