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A sustainable corporate identity

We act today for a better tomorrow. ViVoChem and the BÜFA group will become climate neutral.

Growing social responsibility strives for climate neutrality of product, industry and transport. Every day steps are taken throughout the entire BÜFA group to protect people, the environment and the surrounding area. To this end, the BÜFA group uses the following strategic plan of action:

• Determining the corporate carbon footprint (CCF)
• Improve energy efficiency (electricity, heating, transport)
• Reduction of CO2 pollution (waste management, packaging, recycling)
• Calculating the product carbon footprint (PCF)
• Compensation for CO2 (afforestation, energy regeneration, support for climate protection projects)
• Communicating commitment

Since 2018, BÜFA has been measuring and calculating the Corporate Carbon Footprint (CCF) according to the Kyoto Protocol of the United Nations of 11 December 1997. All emissions from its own processes, production and transport / logistics are taken into account.

The BÜFA group wants to make the emissions in its direct sphere of influence climate neutral by 2021. In concrete terms, this means that they will continue to take various measures in the short term to reduce and offset the annual CO2 emissions of approximately 2,656 tons in the three operating areas.

Green chemistry

The importance of sustainably produced raw materials is increasingly integrated into today's society. A development that can only be welcomed. With the focus on a future in which only sustainably produced raw materials are traded, ViVoChem works together with a large number of suppliers who are transparent in their production processes and have provided a large part of their products with an eco-certificate. A quality mark that focuses on the sustainable development of a product.

Our eco-certificates

Work and future

Satisfied employees provide the greatest added value. In this way, ViVoChem offers its employees a wide range of solutions and facilities to support personal circumstances and to improve general health.

This includes a monthly fee for sports activities, a weekly supply of fresh fruit, the provision of company sports clothing and sponsored participation in numerous sports activities and events.

ViVoChem actively removes energy guzzlers and converts them into motivators. In 2019 ViVoChem achieved sixth place in "The Most Vital Company of the Netherlands" and received a "Vital Company 2019" quality mark. In 2020 ViVoChem could call itself the "Fittest Company of Twente 2020" for a year.

A successful combination of career and private life is a matter of course at ViVoChem.

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