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ViVoChem is active in the worldwide sale of chemical products. From one of the most modern distribution locations in the Netherlands, ViVoChem takes care of all export activities; our extensive stocks offer you, as a customer, the possibility of one-stop shopping and fast shipments. A well-trained export team is available to provide innovative solutions for all your export business.

In addition to packaged goods, ViVoChem is the partner for all your bulk requests. The export of chemicals does not only require knowledge & skills but, above all, the possibility to switch flexibly and quickly.

ViVoChem provides the total package; contact with financial authorities and customs, preparation of the required forms, loading the sea container, shipping and further distribution by land.

Products for chemical export

For export, ViVoChem has a diverse range of chemical raw materials ready to be exported to the port of your choice. Together we determine the delivery time and method of delivery. Shipments are by FCL (Full Container Load), in 1,000-litre IBC, 200-liter drums or (for solids) in bags.

About ViVoChem

In addition to being a leading partner in chemical export, ViVoChem is also a chemical supplier for various sectors in Europe.

Do you lack storage space and want to store your chemicals externally or have them filled in drums or IBCs? Plenty of space is available in our recently renovated and modernized hazardous materials hall. Want to know more about ViVoChem?

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