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Chemical warehousing

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Chemical warehousing

Need storage space for hazardous materials? Have your chemical products stored safely and responsibly at ViVoChem. ViVoChem has a modern chemistry warehouse with +20,000 pallet places, in accordance with all applicable requirements and regulations regarding hazardous substances.

Storage hazard classes:

3Flammable liquids
4.1Flammable solids
5.1Oxidizing substances
6.1Toxic substances
8Aggressive substances
9Various hazardous substances
Chemicals filled in the right packaging

Chemical drumming

In addition to the warehousing of your chemical raw materials, ViVoChem can also provide you with excellent service in filling chemicals in the right packaging and the right volume.

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About ViVoChem

Quality and ECO certificates
ViVoChem supports the Responsible Care program and is in possession of an ISO 9001-14001, HACCP and GMP + quality certificate. ViVoChem also has an extensive portfolio of sustainable products with ECO certificate: Ecocert Cosmos, Ecocert Detergents, Natrue and RSPO.

In addition to being a reliable partner for chemical warehousing, ViVoChem is also supplier of chemicals for a variety of sectors. Whether you are looking for sustainable green chemistry, food additives, surfactants, feed additives or solvents and solvents, ViVoChem provides you with the right product and the right advice.

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