Revolutionary for (industrial) wastewater!

When you use FerSol® for the purification of your wastewater, you make the process more sustainable, more energy efficient and you are able to use water circularly for your industrial process. Participate in the green industrial revolution and clean your wastewater green, efficiently and circularly with FerSol®.

FerSol® is Sodium Ferrate(VI) in liquid form. It can be applied directly to contaminated water. Ferrate(VI) replaces several essential processes in wastewater treatment, requiring fewer process steps and fewer chemicals. Ferrate(VI) is the world's strongest oxidant. It also binds the particles of the residual product together better. This leaves less and very compact sludge. It also neutralizes harmful substances in the water, such as bacteria, fungi and viruses. Even substances that are difficult to remove, such as pesticides, phosphate, arsenic, cyanide, ammonia, COD, oil, chloride, hydrocarbons, heavy metals and sulfur compounds, are removed by Ferrate(VI). This makes residual water reusable in most cases.

If you place an order, you will also be supported in the application of FerSol® and other challenges you have in the field of water treatment.

The power of Ferrate(VI)

Revolutionary water purification with FerSol® looks like this:

  • Green: Ferrate(VI) makes it easy to become more sustainable. FerSol® eliminates the need to use chemicals that are difficult to remove from the water and consume a lot of energy. This is because Ferrate(VI) is environmentally friendly, powerful and biodegradable.
  • Efficient: Ferrate(VI) reacts with dissolved substances, causing them to settle. This has the side effect of eliminating some bacteria, fungi and viruses.
  • Circular: After using FerSol®, the residual water is pure and can largely be returned to your production process. In fact, sometimes the sludge can even be reused as a raw material, so that the residual water no longer has to be discharged. In this way you also contribute to the circular global economy.

Ferr-Tech, Vivochem and sustainability

We are now the preferred supplier of Ferr-Tech products. This means that Vivochem will exclusively sell Ferr-Tech products. Vivochem has been supplying raw materials to Ferr-Tech for some time, but after a consultation on strategic matters it was realized that there was more to it. As you know, sustainable and green chemistry are central to Vivochem, which is why we participate in the green industrial revolution together with Ferr-Tech.

Request a demo for FerSol® without obligation.

FerSol® is currently the revolution in the field of (industrial) water purification. Groundbreaking research allows wastewater to be purified green, efficiently and circularly. Curious about what it can do for your wastewater? Request a demo now without obligation and we will collect your waste water on location.

Your waste water is collected on location and tested for you. We then analyze the results and provide tailor-made advice.

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