"Chemistry can be the Solution for Sustainability!"

An Interview with Felix Thalmann, CEO of the BÜFA Group

Sustainability, a Significant Aspect in our Daily Lives

Sustainability is becoming an increasingly important aspect of our daily lives. However, not solely within households yet also within companies. During this interview with Felix Thalmann, we discuss how essential sustainability has become for companies by focussing on a business that trades in chemicals, the BÜFA Group.

Felix Thalmann and BÜFA have a clear vision when it comes to sustainability. For more than thirty years, Büfa has been engaged with sustainability; 

"We have always said that people and nature must be protected. In addition, we do not see sustainability as an ecological problem often; this is related to the economy, ecological, and social aspects. We probably did not treat all three aspects as equals in the past, which we will do from now on.", according to Thalmann.

Enough admirable goals still have to be achieved this year! Although Büfa has been working on sustainability for the past thirty years, various purposes are set yearly. Targets such as CO2 and climate neutral, the reuse of water, ensuring that chemicals are not discarded in nature, and the desire to generate energy through renewable resources. Yet, how will Büfa achieve these targets? According to Thalmann, Büfa can consider herself climate neutral; "Today we can say that we are climate-neutral due to specific certificates. We still have several projects operating to reduce CO2 emissions. Büfa also compensates projects that are involved in tree planting and renewable energy. Furthermore, we from Büfa are working on a project named Büfa Green. Two specialists within Büfa work cross-company, different initiatives in different departments are applied, and solutions are being worked on, all to make Büfa even more sustainable! Furthermore, Büfa measures carbon footprint, not only within our company but also of our products."

How does a Company that trades in Chemicals become Sustainable?

Chemicals do indeed contribute to the problem of sustainability. Büfa invests as a company in projects that contribute to a more sustainable world. To support these projects, Büfa also undertakes a few things with their project Büfa Green. Yet many people do not know that chemicals can be the solution to a sustainable world, and Büfa is happy to help solve this world problem.

Please see the video below for the entire interview with Felix Thalmann on chemicals as the solution for sustainability.