News report: ViVoChem, Princiaple Sponsor of Almelose Muscial Van Katoen en Water.

After the great succeses of 'Van Katoen en Nu' and 'Het Verzet Kraakt', the producers return with a new spectacle: 'Van Katoen en Water'. The play takes you on a journey through the turbulent history of the Dutch city Almelo. However, it is not solely a musical; it is combined with a three-course dinner ensuring visitors an evening full of Twentse conviviality. 

An Urban Musical 

The location of this musical takes place on the historic Indië terrain. Its rich history makes it the perfect spot to host a musical with its central theme; the history of Almelo. From 25 August till 10 September, the terrain of Indë is going to be transformed into a stage built on water. In addition to players, the decor includes a singing ensemble consisting of an orchestra and a band.

Almelo, in a sloppy 600 years 

The musical tells the story of 600 years of city rights in Almelo. During the play, city archivist Bertus addresses Almelo's turbulent past. Get to know Almelo during this evening in a different way. 


Why does ViVoChem sponsor a musical? ViVoChem is an Almelose company and feels socially involved with this city. ViVoChem has already supported several sporting and social events and wanted to sponsor the cultural sector by becoming the principal sponsor of the new musical. "Every evening, 600 guests enjoy food, drinks, songs and dance. We are happy to contribute.", says Helen wester, HR manager at ViVoChem. 

The play's theme fits well with a revolutionary product that we offer, namely, FerSol. A wastewater treatment product that purifies water so well that the residual water is reusable. "Clean water is the product of the future.", according to Ronald Ijzer, Managing Director of ViVoChem. 

How to order tickets? 

Are you interested in the sloppy history of Almelo? Order here your tickets which include entry and a three-course dinner.

 NOTE; the musical is spoken in Dutch. 

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