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UK Reach Legislation

Do you export our products and/or mixtures thereof to the UK? If so, the new REACH-UK legislation is relevant to you and your action is required by 28 October, 2021.


Since January 31, 2020, the United Kingdom (UK) has left the European Union (EU); the Brexit. If you sell chemical products (including products in mixtures) to the UK, the REACH UK legislation is relevant to you.

As with the REACH legislation in the EU, all chemical products must be registered in the UK. This obligation lies with the UK importer of the goods. Before October 28, 2021, the UK importer must make a notification (pre-registration). This is called a Downstream User Import Notification (DUIN).

Next, the product must be registered. This is done in phases. The registration deadline depends on whether the product is a CMR (Carcinogenic Mutagenic and/or Reprotoxic) or in what quantity it is imported into the UK. If a company imports less than 1,000kg per year of a non-CMR substance into the UK, it is exempt from the REACH-UK obligation.

In some cases it is possible for a non-UK manufacturer to appoint an 'Only Reprentative' in the UK to take over the notification and registration of a product.

Vivochem has asked its suppliers for all products whether they intend to notify and register the product. The suppliers have responded differently to this. You cannot assume, that the products you buy from Vivochem are or will be automatically registered according to UK Reach.

If you export our products to the UK, we strongly recommend that you check whether your UK importer is notifying the products according to DUIN before 28 October 2021. Then report to your contact person at Vivochem what the annual quantities per substance to the UK are. Together with your contact person you can then look for the best solution for the continuity of our cooperation.

For more information: or ask your contact person.