CAS nr. 590-29-4

Potassium formate

"Vivochem delivers your Potassium Formate worldwide to your desired location"

Are you looking for large amounts of Potassium Formate? Then you have come to the right place at Vivochem. We supply Potassium Formate in IBC, Pallet cans and Bulk. Much experience, flexibility and a personal approach make Vivochem the supplier of chemical raw materials. 

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  • Available in IBC, Pallet drums, Pallet cans
  • CAS number 590-29-4
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The customer is number one

Vivochem has been a partner in the field of chemical distribution for years. In all these years, we have kept the same goal in mind. We are namely unburdening our customers in chemical distribution. How do we do this?

We focus on good customer contact, offering fast delivery and competitive prices. In addition, we also provide other services to our customers. In addition to chemical distribution, we can also provide drumming and warehousing of chemicals.

Receive your Potassium Formate abroad? That, too, is a possibility. Your Potassium Formate is delivered by our own reliable and certified drivers delivered to your desired location. Our on-board export team provides you with the necessary documents and unburdens you to the port of the desired country

Why do companies order their Potassium Formate from Vivochem?

  • We offer you the best prices for Potassium Formate and our other +450 chemical raw materials as standard.
  • You buy from a company with an innovative identity. We demand this from our suppliers in the first place, and we further distribute it to our customers and ultimately also to the consumer.
  • Every customer is different and runs into other problems. We attach great importance to direct and personal contact so that we can think along with you.
  • Would you like to have your chemical raw materials stored safely? At Vivochem, we can safely store the following ADR classes for you: 3, 4.1, 5.1, 6.1, 8 and 9.
  • Your Potassium Formate is supplied as standard in safe UN-approved packaging.
  • Your processes do not stand still because we always deliver your Potassium Formate within three working days.

What is Potassium Formate?

Potassium formate is the potassium salt of Formic Acid. It is a strong hygroscopic white solid. Potassium formate, dissolved in water, is used as road salt for specific applications (e.g. on runways). In addition, it is used in secondary coolant mixtures.

Receive your Potassium Formate within three working days

You can quickly request a quote for Potassium formate by filling in the form on this page. You only need to indicate three things for this:

  1. Your desired packaging.
  2. Your order volume.
  3. Your contact details.

As soon as we have received your request, we will ensure that you receive a quote within one working day with our prices for Potassium Formate. We will discuss all important matters, such as the price and the delivery process, with you. Do you agree? Then we will ensure that you receive your Potassium Formate at your desired location within three working days. Would you like to receive it on a different date? That can, of course, be discussed.

Which processes take place in our warehouse?

Good facilities and processes are essential. We assure our customers of good service, personal contact and transparency. This short video gives you an impression of our modern warehouse and activities.

About Vivochem

Vivochem is the B2B Partner for an extensive range of chemicals. With over 130 years of experience in chemical distribution, you are assured of extensive knowledge, expertise and know-how. We are ready to support you with all of your processes. Do you want to take a look behind the scenes at Vivochem? Click this link.

From the XL Businesspark, located at the logistic hotspot "Port of Twente", Vivochem distributes chemicals in the Benelux and parts of Europe. In addition, Vivochem also exports these chemical materials worldwide. More info about the worldwide export of chemicals can be found on this page.

A wide range of chemicals, divided into acids, bases, glycols, amines, phosphates, solvents, phthalates, peroxides and surfactants, are safely and responsibly stored in a spacious warehouse. Our warehouse meets all requirements for ADR storage and has a capacity for up to 9000 pallets. This assures you of fast, reliable and flexible delivery of your products.

The chemicals can be delivered in various packaging types, based on a deposit (the sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative) and including packaging. Our packaging is fully geared to quality, safety and, of course, your needs. Want to know more about our packaging? Watch this video.

You can easily submit an online quote request 24/7. You are guaranteed to receive a no-obligation quote within one working day. If you have additional questions, we will contact you within the same time frame. Almost all chemicals are available directly from stock and are usually delivered within three working days after receiving the order.

Personal contact, stable quality and flexible delivery; the added value guarantee the continuity of your process or production. Because that's what it's all about: doing business successfully together.



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