CAS nr. 1310-58-3

Potassium hydroxide

Food grade, Industrial grade

"Potassium Hydroxide available in both Food and Industrial grade"

Potassium Hydroxide, also known as Potassium lye or caustic potash, is a white hygroscopic solid that is highly corrosive and dissolves well in water. Vivochem has the proper knowledge and expertise to answer all your questions about Potassium Hydroxide and to think along with you.

  • Available in Bulk, IBC, Pallet drums (PE), Pallet cans, BigBag, Bags (1000 kg pallet)
  • Molecular formula KOH
  • CAS number 1310-58-3
  • UN number 1814
  • ADR class 8
  • ADR packing group 2
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Vivochem is the total supplier of chemical raw materials

In all our activities, we have one goal: to unburden our customers. We have the knowledge and experience in the chemical industry to achieve this. In addition, we also have the proper facilities to take care not only of the distribution of chemicals but also the filling and storage.

Potassium Hydroxide is one of the 450+ chemicals we can supply. Our range includes acids, alkalis, solvents, glycols, surfactants, peroxides etc. We provide all our products worldwide. 


Why do companies order their Potassium Lye from Vivochem?

  • We always offer competitive prices for Potassium Hydroxide.
  • Sustainability is paramount to us and is therefore guaranteed in all our processes.
  • We supply Potassium Hydroxide in many different UN-approved packaging.
  • Do you need more space, or is it not allowed to store chemical raw materials at your location? Vivochem has a modern PGS 15 hall with +9000 pallet places.
  • Do you want to export chemical raw materials? Our employees are ready for innovative export.
  • We ensure that you receive your Potassium Hydroxide within three working days.


Potassium Lyle is used in various industries. In the cleaning agent industry, Potassium Hydroxide has applications in the saponification of fats, creating a soft soap. The substance is used to a lesser extent as a paint stripper, disinfectant and sinks unblocker. 

 Tip: Sodium Hydroxide is a better solution for use as a paint stripper, disinfectant and sink unblocker.

 In the personal care industry, Potassium Hydroxide is a commonly used substance in hair removal agents and softeners and is added to increase the pH. Potassium hydroxide can also be added to the food industry to increase the pH (additive E525).

 In the technical industry, Potassium Hydroxide is used to produce solar panels and alkaline batteries.

How do we work for our customers?

Potassium Hydroxide is available in different qualities and packaging. In our warehouse, dozens of qualified employees are committed to our many customers. Chemical raw materials are filled, stored and shipped here. How do we work in our warehouse? Then watch this short video in which you get an impression of the work in our warehouse. 

How can you request a free quote for Potassium Hydroxide?

Requesting a quote for Potassium Hydroxide is easy via the form on this page. We will contact you within one working day with prices and further information about the delivery process. As soon as everything is agreed upon, we will ensure that you receive your Potassium Hydroxide within three working days at the desired location.

About us

Vivochem once started as "Visser Vogelzang Chemie BV" and has been since 2011 a part of the international group BÜFA. Vivochem is the B2B partner regarding the distribution, storage, drumming and export of chemicals.

Companies from various sectors rely on Vivochem's products and services daily. Personal contact, the possibility to outsource chemical goods and the flexibility in delivery are among the top 3 added values Vivochem has, according to its customers.

The location of Vivochem, at the XL Businesspark Almelo, is handy for the fast distribution of chemicals within the Benelux and Europe. Vivochem is also the domestic partner for the worldwide export of chemicals; situated close to the logistic hotspot "Port of Twente", Vivochem ships your chemical products quickly and accurately. Do you want to know more about the export possibilities of Vivochem? Then take a look at this page.

Whatever packaging you are looking for, Vivochem will provide the right product in the proper packaging. Does your location have to meet strict safety standards? Perhaps the Varibox is a solution. You can find out more about our packaging in this video.

Would you like to request a quotation from Vivochem? You can do so easily online by filling in the form on a product page or via the general contact form. A non-binding quote will be sent to you within one working day. We will contact you if we need additional information to prepare the quotation.

Any questions or comments?

You can reach us by telephone during office hours at +31 (0)546 577 774, or you can e-mail us at 

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