CAS nr. 10102-17-7

Sodium thiosulfate

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Are you looking for a supplier for Sodium thiosulfate? Vivochem delivers these to the desired location for you. In addition, our employees are always ready to answer your questions and to think along with you.

  • Available in IBC, Pallet drums, BigBag, Bags (1000 kg pallet)
  • CAS number 10102-17-7
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  • You will always receive your sodium thiosulfate within three working days.
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  • We are happy to store your chemicals for you in our fully equipped PGS hall with +9,000 pallet places.

What is Sodium thiosulfate?

Sodium thiosulfate is a colourless crystalline substance and is well soluble in water. It is frequently used in water treatment (water purification), as it reduces the chlorine content in water (antichlor). This process is also called dechlorination. Think of purifying tap water and neutralizing (chlorine) water from aquariums, swimming pools and spas. 

 Thiosulfate is also used in photo editing, often as a fixative in developing photo films and paper. Furthermore, sodium thiosulfate has its applications in tanning and gold mining. Finally, in the pharmaceutical industry, the substance (pharma grade) can be used to treat cyanide poisoning, among other things.

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About Vivochem

Vivochem is the B2B Partner for an extensive range of chemicals. With over 130 years of experience in chemical distribution, you are assured of extensive knowledge, expertise and know-how. We are ready to support you with all of your processes. A look behind the scenes at Vivochem? Click this link.

 From the XL Businesspark, located at the logistic hotspot "Port of Twente", Vivochem distributes chemicals in the Benelux and parts of Europe. In addition, Vivochem also exports these chemical materials worldwide. More info about the worldwide export of chemicals can be found on this page.

 A wide range of chemicals, divided into acids, bases, glycols, amines, phosphates, solvents, phthalates, peroxides and surfactants, are safely and responsibly stored in a spacious warehouse. Our warehouse meets all requirements for ADR storage and has a capacity for up to 9000 pallets. This assures you of a fast, responsible and flexible delivery of your products.

 The chemicals can be delivered in various types of packaging, both based on a deposit (the sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative) and including packaging. Our packaging is fully geared to quality, safety and, of course, your needs. Want to know more about our packaging? Watch this video.

 You can easily submit an online quote request 24/7. You are guaranteed to receive a no-obligation quote within one working day. If you have additional questions, we will contact you within the same time frame. Almost all chemicals are available directly from stock and are usually delivered within three working days after receiving the order.

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